The elephant and the thorny bush

Once upon a time there was an elephant. This elephant was very brave. All the animals in the forest were afraid of him. Once this elephant saw a thorny bush. And he saw that the bush could speak. He said to the bush: “You can’t pierce me with your thorns. I am stronger than you, I am the strongest in the world.” The bush got surprised. The elephant said to the bush: “Come on, let’s fight.” The bush was frightened. The elephant said: “Come on, I will beat you in any case. It is up to you, but if you don’t want…” The bush said: “I will fight.” Then the bush pulled its thorns off and hit the elephant on the leg so hard that the latter (վերջինս) began to cry in a loud voice. My fable tale teaches that you shouldn’t praise yourself. Let others praise you.

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