Վիկտորիա Միկաիլ

Hello, my name is Vicky, and I am a fifth grader at «Mkhitar Sebastatsi» Educomplex. Today is the second day of our Educational Summer Review Camp. It began at 9 o’clock. During our general morning training our guests from Georgia joined us. We sang our favourite song, “Evening Yerevan”. One of our students, Suren Poghosyan, sang a beautiful song, then one of the students from Georgia sang a happy English song. At the end we danced one of our  national dances, “Ver Veri».20150616_09073520150616_091017 Then the  festival “One Shot, One Glance” started during which   a lot of short films and photos were presented. The one I liked best was the film by Zara Voskanyan.

It was called “Digi-advertisement”.20150616_104201 (2) a20150616_104613 (2)20150616_104630

It is very interesting taking part in our educational summer camp.

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