A Great Concert of the Western School in the Marble Hall

IMG_3063.jpgA great concert of the Western school with the participation of the learners took place in the Marble Hall on the 14th of June. The Marble Hall was full of the learners’ parents and guests from Georgia. All the students with their parents sang different songs written by Komitas and danced Armenian folk dances. I also had my own participation in this concert. My students of Grade 4 and 5 sang two English songs from the film “The Sound of Music”. All my students sang the songs wonderfully. I was so proud of them at that moment.
 IMG_3173.jpg IMG_3028.jpg
IMG_3233.jpg IMG_3143.jpg Photos by Susan Amujanyan
Before the concert there was a great exhibition with small clay articles and pictures created by the learners. There were also some extraordinary works, portraits made of beads and wires. All the parents were grateful for that wonderful day.
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