The second day of the “Friendship” Camp of the Pedagogical Innovations 2017

Today was the second day of the Friendship Camp 2017. After the general morning training the participants were divided into groups. Each group had its own conductor and they all began to work on different educational projects. I participated in the project “The radio as an Educational Tool” the conductor of which was Gohar Baljyan.
20170627_094508.jpg 20170627_105003
In our group, besides our Educomplex teachers, there were participants from Artsakh and a student of the Pedagogical University. During the seminar we created a radio material about the “Friendship” Camp. At the same time, at the Eastern School there was a performance of our national ritual Vardavar. The performance was conducted by Marine Mkrtchyan.
Photos by Marina Mkrtchyan
Then we had sport trainings.
20170627_115311.jpg 20170627_112003
After the lunch break all the campers took part in the seminar on one more pedagogical   innovation of the Educomplex: “Educational Flash Mobs”. The seminar was conducted by  Yura Ganjalyan. “The aim of our educational Flash Mobs is to make the content of our school subjects closer to real life as much as we can”, stated Mr. Yura.
20170627_133620.jpg 20170627_135341
At 14:00 the music teachers of the Educomplex and the teachers’ choir “Sebastatsies” gave a lovely concert which we enjoyed very much.

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