Our Aducational Autumn Camp

Every day at 9 o’clock all the teachers in the southern school do general morning  training. The pre-school teachers with their kids also join us.
Our music teacher Mariam Mnatsakanyan teaches us dance songs. In this way, we prepare for the festival of Harissa (Armenian national dish).
The inseparable part of the day is gardening work.
Nearly every day we take part in the seminars for foreign language teachers. The first seminar was about the Flash Mobs of foreign languages. Mr. Yura explained to us how a real Flash Mob should be. It must have a communicative approach to teaching of foreign languages. The second seminar was about the translational issues of pedagogical texts. Mr. Yura gave us some good advice. He also advised us to install the editing programGrammarly which will help us to correct the possible grammar mistakes in our English texts. 
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