Hovhannes Tumanyan

Hovhannes Tumanyan was born in the village of Dsegh in 1869.

At first, he studied at the primary school in Dsegh, and then he continued his education in Jalaloghly (now Stepanavan). Tumanyan began writing poems when he was still 12.

 At the age of 14, Hovhannes Tumanyan went to Tiflis where he studied at Nersesyan School.

 Hovhannes Tumanyan wrote poems, poems for children, quatrains (քառյակներ), short stories, tales.

I like his poems for children. For example, «Գրիչը», «Ձյունը», «Աշուն»: I also like his tales. For example, “The Death of Kikos”, “The Black Kiddy”, “The Liar”. Tumanyan’s most touching story is “Gikor”. But Hovhannes Tumanyan’s masterpiece is the poem “Anush”.

Tumanyan liked peace very much. He criticized people who quarrelled and fought. He also criticized kings who began wars because of nothing. Tumanyan’s peaceful character is seen in his poems “The Dog and the Cat” and “A Drop of Honey”.