The Lump of Gold

Paul was a very rich man, but he never spent any of his
money. He was scared that someone would steal it. He
pretended to be poor and wore dirty old clothes. People
laughed at him, but he didn’t care. He only cared about his
One day, he bought a big lump of gold. He hid it in a hole by a tree. Every night, he went
to the hole to look at his treasure. He sat and he looked. ‘No one will ever find my gold!’
he said.
But one night, a thief saw Paul looking at his gold. And when Paul went home, the thief
picked up the lump of gold, slipped it into his bag and ran away!
The next day, Paul went to look at his gold, but it wasn’t there. It had disappeared! Paul
cried and cried! He cried so loud that a wise old man heard him. He came to help. Paul
told him the sad tale of the stolen lump of gold. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said. ‘Get a big stone
and put it in the hole by the tree.’
‘What?’ said Paul. ‘Why?’
‘What did you do with your lump of gold?’
‘I sat and looked at it every day,’ said Paul.
‘Exactly,’ said the wise old man. ‘You can do exactly the same with a stone.’
Paul listened, thought for a moment and then said, ‘Yes, you’re right. I’ve been very silly.
I don’t need a lump of gold to be happy!’

Անծանոթ բառեր/unknown words

to be scared-վախեցած լինել





to disappear-անհետանալ



1.Read and watch the story then read the sentences below and say whether they are true or false.
a. Paul was a rich man.
b. He never spent any money.

c. He was scared someone would steal his clothes.
d. One day, he found a big lump of gold.
e. He put the gold in a hole next to a river.
f. One night, a thief took the lump of gold.
g. Paul was very happy.
h. He told the wise old man what happened.

i. The old man told Paul to get a big diamond.

j. Paul realised he didn’t need his gold to be happy.

2. What is the moral of the story? Circle the best answer.
a. Having money doesn’t make you happy.
b. Be careful where you put your money.
c. Don’t be scared of losing your money.

The Ugly Duckling

Mummy Duck lived on a farm. In her nest, she had five little eggs
and one big egg. One day, the five little eggs started to crack.
Tap, tap, tap! Five pretty, yellow baby ducklings came out.
Then the big egg started to crack. Bang, bang, bang! One big,
ugly duckling came out. ‘That’s strange,’ thought Mummy Duck.
Nobody wanted to play with him. ‘Go away,’ said his brothers and sisters. ‘You’re ugly!’
The ugly duckling was sad. So he went to find some new friends.
‘Go away!’ said the pig.
‘Go away!’ said the sheep.
‘Go away!’ said the cow.
‘Go away!’ said the horse.
No one wanted to be his friend. It started to get cold. It started to snow! The ugly duckling
found an empty barn and lived there. He was cold, sad and alone.
Then spring came. The ugly duckling left the barn and went back to the pond. He was very
thirsty and put his beak into the water. He saw a beautiful, white bird! ‘Wow!’ he said. ‘Who’s
‘It’s you,’ said another beautiful, white bird.
‘Me? But I’m an ugly duckling.’
‘Not any more. You’re a beautiful swan, like me. Do you want to be my friend?’
‘Yes,’ he smiled.
All the other animals watched as the two swans flew away, friends forever.

Անծանոթ բառեր

to crack-ճաքել

to come out-դուրս գալ

to find-գտնել


1.Answer the questions

.Where did Mummy Duck live?

.What happened one day?

.Why was the ugly duckling sad?

.Where did he live in winter?

.Where did he go,when he was thirsty?

.What did he see, when he put his beak into the water?

2.What do you think is the moral of the story? Circle the best answer.
a. Be afraid of people who are different.
b. Choose your friends carefully.
c. How you look is not important.