The Kind Snake And The Evil Lizard

Once the snake was creeping in the forest and suddenly he saw the lizard drowning. The snake saved the lizard and took it to a sunny place to warm up. And then he asked the lizard, “Are you alright, my friend?” But the lizard didn’t say anything and went away. The snake got angry and also went away. Once the lizard was drowning again and it was shouting, “Help, help me!” The snake didn’t help it. He thought that the lizard would again go away without thanking him, and didn’t help it.

Be thankful when they help you, or else they will not help you anymore.

A Thief Stole From a Thief

Once the cunning fox decided to steal the cuckoo’s nestlings. He found a hiding place in the forest and carried the nestlings there one by one. The wolf had seen it and was watching him. While the fox was collecting the nestlings the wolf was eating them one after another. While the wolf was eating them a big eagle fell on his head. The wolf fell down exhausted, and the fox was frightened and ran away.
In this way the shameless animals were punished. One mustn’t steal.

The donkey and the monkey

The donkey was celebrating his birthday. Many animals were taking part in the donkey’s birthday party. When it was the monkey’s turn to enter, the donkey didn’t allow the monkey to come in, and the monkey got upset and went home. Three days later it was the monkey’s birthday. The donkey was also taking part in that party. When it was the donkey’s turn to come in, the monkey didn’t allow him to enter. The monkey treated the donkey in the way the donkey had treated her.
Here is the conclusion: You should treat your friend in the way you want your friend to treat you.

The hard-working hedgehog and the lazy hare

Once upon a time there was a hedgehog. She was kind, clever and hard-working. She had a neighbor which was a hare. The hare was lazy. In autumn the hedgehog decided to go to the forest to collect food for winter and offered the hare to accompany her. The hare agreed but during all the time when the hedgehog was collecting mushrooms and berries, the hare was having a lot of fun playing with butterflies. Winter came, and the forest was covered with white blanket. The hedgehog was meeting winter in an easygoing way in a warm lair with her younglings. At the same time, in order to survive the hare was looking for food trembling with cold.

Hence conclusion: Eats the one who works.

The monkey and the hunter

Many years ago a monkey lived in a big forest, and the hunters wanted to catch it. The monkey learned that they wanted to catch it and that is why it began to harm people. The monkey came up, took the trunk and carried it away. The monkey knew that there were bananas in in the trunk because there weren’t any bananas in that forest, and it liked bananas very much. The monkey stood under a tree and opened the trunk. It saw that there weren’t any bananas in the trunk. There was only a bag. Suddenly, at that moment the monkey turned round and fell into the trap.

The story tells us that one should be punished for theft.