Jack and the beanstalk

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack. He lived with his
mother. They were very poor. All they had was a cow.
One morning, Jack’s mother told Jack to take their cow to market
and sell her. On the way, Jack met a man. He gave Jack some magic
beans for the cow.
Jack took the beans and went back home. When Jack’s mother saw the beans she was very angry.
She threw the beans out of the window.
The next morning, Jack looked out of the window. There was a giant beanstalk. He went outside and
started to climb the beanstalk.
He climbed up to the sky through the clouds. Jack saw a beautiful castle. He went inside.
Jack heard a voice. ‘Fee, fi, fo, fum!’ Jack ran into a cupboard.
An enormous giant came into the room and sat down. On the table there was a hen and a golden
‘Lay!’ said the giant. The hen laid an egg. It was made of gold. ‘Sing!’ said the giant. The harp began to
sing. Soon the giant was asleep.
Jack jumped out of the cupboard. He took the hen and the harp. Suddenly, the harp sang, ‘Help,
The giant woke up and shouted, ‘Fee, fi, fo, fum!’ Jack ran and started climbing down the beanstalk.
The giant came down after him.
Jack shouted, ‘Mother! Help!’ Jack’s mother took an axe and chopped down the beanstalk. The giant
fell and crashed to the ground. Nobody ever saw him again.
With the golden eggs and the magic harp, Jack and his mother lived happily ever after․


1.What’s the order?

  • …..Watch the story and put the sentences in order.
  • ……Jack’s mother chopped down the beanstalk and the giant crashed to the ground.
  • ……Jack took the hen and the harp and started climbing down the beanstalk.
  • …… Jack lived with his mother. They were very poor.
  • …….Jack saw a beautiful castle. He went inside.
  • ……Jack’s mother threw the beans out of the window.
  • ……A man gave Jack some magic beans for his cow.
  • ……An enormous giant came into the room and sat down. He had a hen and a golden harp.
  • ……The next morning, there was a giant beanstalk. Jack climbed the beanstalk.

2.Watch the story. Write the missing words in the sentences.
a. Jack and his mother were very————————
b. Jack took their———————— to market.
c. When Jack’s mother saw the beans she was very ———.
d. Jack climbed up to the sky through the———— .
e. Jack heard a voice. ‘Fee, fi, fo, —————!’
f. On the————- there was a hen and a golden harp.
g. Suddenly, the harp sang, ‘———— , master!’
h. Jack and his mother lived———— ever after.

3. Answer the questions

1.Who was Jack?

2.Was he a poor or a rich boy?

3.What did Jack’s mother tell him one morning?

4.What did the man give Jack on the way to the market?

5.What did Jack’s mother do when she saw the beans?

6.What did Jack see when he looked out of the window the next morning?

7.What did he do?

8. Let’s imagine you have a magic stick and you are given one chance to use it. What will you wish? Write your thoughts in 4-5 sentences.

The Lump of Gold

Paul was a very rich man, but he never spent any of his
money. He was scared that someone would steal it. He
pretended to be poor and wore dirty old clothes. People
laughed at him, but he didn’t care. He only cared about his
One day, he bought a big lump of gold. He hid it in a hole by a tree. Every night, he went
to the hole to look at his treasure. He sat and he looked. ‘No one will ever find my gold!’
he said.
But one night, a thief saw Paul looking at his gold. And when Paul went home, the thief
picked up the lump of gold, slipped it into his bag and ran away!
The next day, Paul went to look at his gold, but it wasn’t there. It had disappeared! Paul
cried and cried! He cried so loud that a wise old man heard him. He came to help. Paul
told him the sad tale of the stolen lump of gold. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said. ‘Get a big stone
and put it in the hole by the tree.’
‘What?’ said Paul. ‘Why?’
‘What did you do with your lump of gold?’
‘I sat and looked at it every day,’ said Paul.
‘Exactly,’ said the wise old man. ‘You can do exactly the same with a stone.’
Paul listened, thought for a moment and then said, ‘Yes, you’re right. I’ve been very silly.
I don’t need a lump of gold to be happy!’

Անծանոթ բառեր/unknown words

to be scared-վախեցած լինել





to disappear-անհետանալ



1.Read and watch the story then read the sentences below and say whether they are true or false.
a. Paul was a rich man.
b. He never spent any money.

c. He was scared someone would steal his clothes.
d. One day, he found a big lump of gold.
e. He put the gold in a hole next to a river.
f. One night, a thief took the lump of gold.
g. Paul was very happy.
h. He told the wise old man what happened.

i. The old man told Paul to get a big diamond.

j. Paul realised he didn’t need his gold to be happy.

2. What is the moral of the story? Circle the best answer.
a. Having money doesn’t make you happy.
b. Be careful where you put your money.
c. Don’t be scared of losing your money.

The Ugly Duckling

Mummy Duck lived on a farm. In her nest, she had five little eggs
and one big egg. One day, the five little eggs started to crack.
Tap, tap, tap! Five pretty, yellow baby ducklings came out.
Then the big egg started to crack. Bang, bang, bang! One big,
ugly duckling came out. ‘That’s strange,’ thought Mummy Duck.
Nobody wanted to play with him. ‘Go away,’ said his brothers and sisters. ‘You’re ugly!’
The ugly duckling was sad. So he went to find some new friends.
‘Go away!’ said the pig.
‘Go away!’ said the sheep.
‘Go away!’ said the cow.
‘Go away!’ said the horse.
No one wanted to be his friend. It started to get cold. It started to snow! The ugly duckling
found an empty barn and lived there. He was cold, sad and alone.
Then spring came. The ugly duckling left the barn and went back to the pond. He was very
thirsty and put his beak into the water. He saw a beautiful, white bird! ‘Wow!’ he said. ‘Who’s
‘It’s you,’ said another beautiful, white bird.
‘Me? But I’m an ugly duckling.’
‘Not any more. You’re a beautiful swan, like me. Do you want to be my friend?’
‘Yes,’ he smiled.
All the other animals watched as the two swans flew away, friends forever.

Անծանոթ բառեր

to crack-ճաքել

to come out-դուրս գալ

to find-գտնել


1.Answer the questions

.Where did Mummy Duck live?

.What happened one day?

.Why was the ugly duckling sad?

.Where did he live in winter?

.Where did he go,when he was thirsty?

.What did he see, when he put his beak into the water?

2.What do you think is the moral of the story? Circle the best answer.
a. Be afraid of people who are different.
b. Choose your friends carefully.
c. How you look is not important.

The Magic Paintbrush

Rose loved drawing. She was very poor and didn’t have pens
or pencils. She drew pictures in the sand with sticks. One
day, an old woman saw Rose and said, ‘Hello! Here’s a
paintbrush and some paper for you.’
‘Thank you!’ smiled Rose. She was so happy. ‘Hmmm, what
can I paint?’ she thought. She looked around and saw a duck on the pond. ‘I know! I’ll
paint a duck!’
So she did. Suddenly, the duck flew off the paper and onto the pond. ‘Wow!’ she said. ‘A
magic paintbrush!’
Rose was a very kind girl and she painted pictures for everyone in her village. She
painted a cow for the farmer, pencils for the teacher and toys for all the children.
The king heard about the magic paintbrush and sent a soldier to find Rose. ‘Come with
me,’ said the soldier. ‘The king wants you to paint some money for him.’
‘But he’s already rich,’ said Rose. ‘I only paint to help poor people.’
But the nasty soldier took Rose to the king. ‘Paint me a tree with lots of money on it,’
he shouted.
Rose was brave and said, ‘No!’ So the king sent her to prison. But Rose painted a key
for the door and a horse to help her escape. The king chased after her. So she painted
a big hole, and splat! The king fell in.
Today, Rose only uses her magic paintbrush to help people who really, really need

Անծանոթ բառեր

poor-խեղճ, աղքատ






nasty-զզվելի, նողկասլի


to chase for somebody-հետապնդել ինչ-որ մեկին

1.What do you think is the moral of the story? Circle the best answer.
a. Money is important.
b. Don’t be greedy and be kind to others.
c. The king is always right

2.Imagine you have a magic paintbrush. What will you paint? Draw a picture
and write about it!

Where is Pam?

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Sam is a little boy. He is seven. Pam is a little girl. She is five. Sam and Pam are good friends. Sam likes to play with Pam and Pam likes to play with Sam too.

Pam has got many toys: big and little dolls, nice puppies, and kittens, funny monkeys, yellow giraffes and ducks.

Sam hasn’t got many toys, but he has got many balloons: red and blue, green and yellow, brown and white.

Pam: Let’s play, Sam.(Արի՛ խաղանք, Սեմ)


Pam:Take(վերցրու) my toys and play with them.

Sam: Thanks. Do you want to play with balloons?

Pam: Yes.

Sam: Then take two red balloons………..

…………and three blue balloons…………

……….and five yellow balloons…..

………..and six green balloons………

…………………..and…………..Pam, where are you?

The Funny Monkey Wants to Have a Friend

800px_COLOURBOX5100140Chita is a little monkey. She is from Africa. She is brown. Chita is funny. She likes to jump, run and play very much. She can sing and dance too. But she hasn’t got friends to play with. And Chita wants to have many friends. So she goes and goes and goes.

One day she sees a big green frog. The frog can jump but it can’t run or play games. “I don’t want to have such a friend”, says Chita. And she goes and goes and goes.

Then Chita sees a dolphin, a big grey dolphin. The dolphin can jump and play. But it can’t run or sing. “I don’t want to have such a friend”, says Chita. So she goes and goes and goes.

Then Chita sees a little black and white kitten. The kitten is funny. It can run, jump and dance. It has got a ball and likes to play with it. So the monkey likes the kitten very much. “I want to be your friend”, says Chita. “Let’s play”

Now Chita has got a good friend.

To have-ունենալ

To see-տեսնել

I don’t want to have such a friend- ես չեմ ուզում ունենալ այսպիսի ընկեր

I want to be your friend-Ես ուզում եմ լինել քո ընկերը

Let’s play-արի խաղանք

A Cat And Her Strong Friends

Once there lived a cat. She thought, «The lion is the strongest of all the animals. It is good to have strong friends. I shall(will) go to the lion and make friends with him».
She did so and the lion and the cat were friends for many, many days.
Once they went for a walk together and met an elephant. The lion began to fight with the elephant and the elephant killed him.
The cat was very sorry. «What shall I do?» she thought.
«The elephant was stronger than the lion. I shall go to the elephant and make friends with him.»
She did so and they were friends for many, many days.

Once they went for a walk and met a hunter. The hunter shot at the elephant and killed him. The cat was sorry, but she thought, «The man is stronger than the elephant, I see.»
So she went up to the hunter and asked, «May I go with you?»
«All right, let’s go home together,» he said.
They came to the man’s home. His wife met him and took his gun from him. The cat saw that and thought: «Oh, the woman is the strongest of all! She can take the hunter’s gun from him, and he does not fight with her. He does not even say a word!» The man sat down at the table and the woman went to the kitchen. The cat went to the kitchen too. She decided to stay with the woman forever.

That’s why you always see a cat in the kitchen at a woman’s feet.

Why the Hare has no Tail

Long long ago the animals had no tails or very small ones. One day the Lion asked all the animals to come to him to get good tails. It was cold that day and it was raining. The hare had only a short little tail but he did not like to go out and said to the other animals, “Please, bring me a tail. I can’t go anywhere when it rains.”

“What tail do you want to have?” the animals asked him.

“Oh, any tail will be good for me. But it must not be too long or too short.”

Some time later the animals came back and each animal had a beautiful tail. But nobody brought a tail for the hare.

I think that some of them forgot about the hare, some had no time, some could not find a good tail for the hare.

But I know this: if you must do something, don’t ask others to do it for you. Don’t forget about the hare with his short little tail!






Which Is Better?

There was once a man who had three sons, and all of them loved the same girl. Each of them asked the girl the same question, “Will you marry me?” All of them were clever, handsome and strong. The girl liked each of the three young men very much and couldn’t decide which of them was the best.

One day the father of the three brothers said, “Here is some money for you. You will go on a long travel. While you are travelling, you must look for a very, very useful thing. When you find it, you will buy it and bring it home”.

The three brothers travelled for a long time, and they bought three very useful things.

The first young man bought a magic carpet. On it he could fly to any place in no time. The second brother bought a magic looking-glass. When he looked into it, he could see anyone and everything that he wanted to see. The third bought a magic lemon. The juice of that lemon could make a dying man or a woman well again.

The three brothers came together and showed their things to one another. Then one of them said, “We are far from our home and far from our dear girl. Let us look into the looking-glass and see her.”

The second brother took out his looking-glass, and they all looked into it. They saw that the girl was very ill. Then the first brother asked the other brothers to sit down on his carpet and all of them were at the girl’s house in no time. The third brother cut his lemon and gave the juice to the girl. The girl drank it and she was well again.

The young men were very happy.

“Now which of us will you marry?” they asked the girl.

“I thank you all, my dear friends,” answered the girl.  “One of the brothers saw me in his looking-glass, and that helped to save my life. His looking-glass is a very useful thing, and he will have it forever. Another brother brought all three of you on his carpet, and that helped to save me, too. It is also a very useful thing, and he will have it forever. And one of you gave me the lemon juice, and now I am well again. But he has no lemon now. He gave all he had to save me. I will be his wife.”

And the other two brothers said, “Yes, the girl is right”.

same-   նույն                                                     in no time-անմիջապես

question — հարց                                                 together-միասին

to marry-ամուսնանալ                                   to be far from-հեռու լինել

handsome-վայելչակազմ                                 ill-հիվանդ

to decide-որոշել                                                   to  save-փրկել

to travel-ճամփորդել                                         forever-ընդմիշտ


Magic carpet-կախարդական

The Baby Elephant

This is a story about a baby elephant. The baby elephant is not happy. He says, “I don’t like to work at the circus. I don’t want to work at the circus. I don’t want to do tricks for children. I want to run away”.  So he runs away. He comes to a forest and sees a brown bear. He says to the brown bear, “I want to live with you in the forest”.

“All right,” says the brown bear. “But you must get ready for the winter. You must find a hole in which you can sleep in winter.”

The baby elephant does not like to work. He does not want to look for a hole. So he goes away. He walks and walks. Then he sees a squirrel and says to him, “I want to live with you”.

“All right”, says the squirrel. “ But you must get ready for  the winter. You must get nuts for the winter”.

But the baby elephant says, “I don’t want to get ready for the winter. I don’t want to get nuts for the winter. I don’t want to look for a hole. I don’t want to live in the forest. I want to go home. And the baby elephant goes back to the circus.

story -պատմություն

must-պետք է


say -ասել                                                                                       hole-որջ

circus-  կրկես                                                                      to look for-փնտրել

to do tricks-  հնարքներ անել                                                  squirrel-սկյուռ

to run away   -փախչել               to get nuts for the winter-ընկույզ հայթայթել ձմռան համար

forest -անտառ                                                              to go back-վերեդառնալ

to get ready for the winter-պատրաստվել ձմռանը