The last day of Bangladesh Plein Air.

The day began with the presentation of the “Audio Book” which took place at the College of «Mkhitar Sebastatsi» Educomplex. A group of students with the help of Anahit Melkonyan and Gayane Terzyan have translated a book of short stories for very young children into English, read and recorded them in English and Armenian. I was very impressed with their project.
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Then I took part in the “Mono Performance” called “Cut these stupid wires of the phone off» by Arpi Sahakyan. She is a student of grade 9 at our Educomplex. Despite her young age her emotions and acting are quite mature and natural.
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Photos by Ani Sargsyan
Then I was present at the press conference given by Ashot Bleyan and Lela Chincharauli, Director of School N 3 after Ilia Chavchavadze in Akhlkalaki (Georgia) . Both Mr. Ashot Bleyan and Ms. Lela Chincharauli expressed the idea that a great deal has been done in the realization of the program “Armenian-Georgian Public Educational Bridges” and still more is to be done by building new educational bridges, in particular, with the School N 3 in Akhalkalaki. It was announced that a group of 50 students and teachers from the Educomplex is going to visit Samtskhe Javakheti, Akhalkalaki, Gandza, Kartsakh and Heshtia on June 22-24.
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A really glorious end of the busy day was the Armenian-Georgian festivity held outside and in the foyer of the Theatre after Gabriel Sundukyan.
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