The Second Day of our Bangladesh Plein Air Summer Camp.

Today is the second day of our Bangladesh Plein Air Summer Camp. At 10 a.m. I was in the Concert Hall of the Educomplex where the students of our Musical School were giving a piano concert. They were trying hard to show what they have learned for a whole school year. I noticed that their piano teachers were more excited than their students. One by one the students came up to the piano, greeted the audience and introduced themselves. Then they said what they were going to perform. The students and piano teachers looked excited but the parents looked happy with their smartphones and cameras taking photos of their children. It was a very pleasant concert.
download.jpg download.jpg
I was also present at the presentations of the Film-Photo festival. They showed a silent film by Hamo Beknazaryan. The title of the film was “The House on the Volcano”. We know that silent films of the 1920s had no synchronized recorded sound. So the most exciting thing was that while watching that film we heard live synchronized sounds of different musical instruments created by a group of teenagers.
download.jpg download.jpg

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