The First Day of the Friendship Camp of Pedagogical Innovations

Today was the first day of the Friendship Camp of Pedagogical Innovations. The participants of the Camp are the teachers from Armenia, Artsakh and Georgia who are interested in pedagogical innovations. The day began with everyday general morning training during which Marine Mkrtchyan began teaching an old Armenian dance-song.




Then Ashot Bleyan, the director of our Educomplex, greeted all the participants of the Camp and announced the “Friendship Camp 2017” open.


At 9:30 Mr. Ashot Bleyan took the leadership of the walking tour about the Mother School building and the Northern School. Nobody else can present the educational environment of the Educomplex better than our director, the main creator of this environment.



The participants were very impressed by Diana Tatintsyan’s  “Mono performance” which took place in the Northern School.

image-0-02-04-de7623b7e8625bea5367292526abb8a4b57d5845347cc2842eec09832948b086-V.jpg image-0-02-04-d9ce37d68ce45524310bacfc8b566025de256a91338d99ed0dce486ae77bc890-V.jpg

Then all the participants gathered in the Central Reading Hall where Mary Gabanyan presented our media library and Lusine Alexanyan presented our Educomplex website.



It was followed by the seminar “Blog Based Teaching” conducted by Anahit Harutyunyan.


The seminar was followed by a coffee break during which the participants discussed and summarized the first day in a friendly atmosphere.


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